About us

About us

Welcome to the Official website of the Malta Library and Information  Association (MaLIA).    
Registered Voluntary Organisation Number: VO/0149
MaLIA was set up in 1969 with the aim of creating  a meeting ground for people engaged or interested in the library and  information profession in Malta.

MaLIA aims to unite all persons engaged, interested or involved in library, information and archival work across Malta and Gozo.

The objectives of MaLIA can be  summarised as follows:   
  • to unite all persons engaged, interested or involved in library, information and archival work;
  • to assist in the improvement of status, salaries and qualifications of librarians;  
  • to focus national attention on library, information and archival issues;  
  • to  watch and make representation regarding legislation affecting  libraries, archives, copyright, legal deposit and laws affecting censorship, and to assist in the promotion of legislation concerning  the improvement and satisfactory application of library development;  
  • to encourage the establishment, promotion and use of libraries and archives in Malta and Gozo;  
  • to hold conferences and meetings concerning library matters and policies;
  • to promote, encourage and assist bibliographical studies and research;  
  • to maintain a library collection for members of the Association in such location that the Association may decide;
  • to hold courses in library and information studies;  
  • to maintain a register of library and information professionals.

MaLIA has been included in the Database of Registered Informal Learning Organisations maintained by the National Commission for Further and Higher Education (NCFHE).

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Council members: Victor Vella (Chairperson), Karmenu Borg (Secretary), Louis Cini (Treasurer), Doreen Borg Zammit (Public Relations), Luke Attard Bason (Member)
  1. Managing Director
    Ronald Watson
  2. Managing Director
    Matis Doyle
  3. Vernon Smith
  4. Lina Ellis