Code Of Ethics For Library And Information Professionals
  1. 1
    Members must always defend and further democracy, freedom of Members must always defend and further democracy, freedom of expression and free dissemination of knowledge by actively promoting access to our cultural heritage in literature and to information in various media
  2. 2
    Members are expected to be competent in their professional activities and to keep abreast of developments in librarianship.
  3. 3
    Members must fulfil their contractual obligations towards their employers unless such obligations clash with the public interest and the maintenance of professional standards.
  4. 4
    Members' duties towards users take precedence over all other interests, save members' contractual obligations towards their employers and within the limits of the law.
  5. 5
    Members have an obligation to protect and promote the right of every individual to have free and equal access to sources of information within the limits of the law.
  6. 6
    Members shall not knowingly promote material the prime purpose of which is to encourage discrimination on the grounds of race, colour, creed, gender or sexual orientation. It shall not be regarded as promoting such material to divulge it for the purpose of studying the subject of that discrimination.
  7. 7
    Members must protect each user's right to privacy with respect to information sought or received and materials consulted, borrowed or acquired.
  8. 8
    Members' actions and decisions should be determined solely by their professional judgement and never at the expense of employers, colleagues or users and they should not profit from their position otherwise than by normal remuneration or fee for professional services.
  1. 9
    Members must not engage in conduct that may seriously prejudice the standing or reputation of the Association or of the library profession.
  2. 10
    Breaches by members of any article will be considered and ruled upon by the Association's Board of Discipline.